In this six minute video, Complex News visits Detroit and talks to artists and entrepreneurs and is upbeat about the city.

One of the things to appreciate about this piece is that they talked to the un-usual suspects. People on the ground who aren’t always covered by the national press, but have a lot to add to the conversation.

In the video they talk to Hip Hop artist Boldy James, Omnicorp hacker/maker space creator Aaron Blendowski, and Artist Alphonso Cox.

Blendowski was asked how he would describe the creative culture in Detroit, and he said, “In one word? Rigorous. There’s so many things that are happening right now that are really beautiful. A lot of people just pouring their hearts into their work. And you it see come through, ‘cuz the project are really good, really tasteful.. and plentiful. There’s a lot of work happening here.”

Per Complex, “If anything is clear, it’s that Detroit is on the rise again.”

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