The new Superintendent is diving into the Gordian knot that is Detroit’s Public Schools, and seems to be finding challenge after challenge.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District is looking to hire more teachers, but it’s not an easy task. According to a survey released by the district itself, that’s in part because those who work for the district are saying don’t work there.

The data was released at a board meeting this week. It showed that among staff, half would not recommend the district and less than a quarter would. Among central office staff, the percentage of employees who wouldn’t recommend the district jumps to 63 percent.

“If our own employees are not favorable toward the organization, then how can we ever recruit new parents to schools or new employees to the district?” said Dr. Nikolai Vitti.

The district had more than 200 teaching vacancies coming into this school year that they budgeted for, but haven’t been able to fill.

The district also scored low among students for perceived safety.

Many people including Mayor Mike Duggan cite the quality of Detroit’s schools as the biggest barrier to the city’s comeback.


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