Love cars? Love customizations? How about a shot of history too? The HISTORY Channel has a new eight episode series that’s going to hit the air Saturday, January 28.

“Detroit Steel” is described as celebrating “the Motor City’s automotive legacy by creating rare, custom rides that mix Detroit’s celebrated past and its evolving future. Adam Genei and the team at his car customization shop, Mobsteel, give vintage cars a modern, mean look.”

Mobsteel has locations in Brighton and in the city of Detroit, just off of I-94 and 14th.

Continued from A&E:

Though the city has had its ups and downs, Genei and his wife and co-owner, Pam, are committed to fostering American engineering and bringing back Detroit one car at a time.  Like their slogan says, Mobsteel, along with Adam’s sister business Detroit Steel Wheels, builds “rides to die for.” From classic cars that call back to America’s automotive roots to muscle cars that need a supercharged rebirth, the team is up for any challenge. Whether they are discovering hidden automotive treasures in a garage, a junkyard, or from a collector, they take full advantage of the history available in Detroit. If they can’t find a part, the Mobsteel team makes it themselves. The end product is a never-before-seen creation that transforms the best of Motown into a one-of-a-kind ride that is the envy of car enthusiasts across the country.

The first episode is going to be a rebuild of a 1956 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 that has a lot of memories for it’s owner, who worked in an Oldsmobile plant for more than 35 years. With the help of his welder Steve “Steve-O” Ryan, mechanic Doug Hanes, painter Ron Coan and co-owner Pam Genei, Adam takes the car from scrap metal to a custom ride fit for the 21st century.

Here’s a short preview clip:

The crew has had a taste of television fame before. According to Variety, they were previously featured in the NBCSN show “Mobsteel” that launched in 2015. It’s series premiere drew more than a million viewers.

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