Cass Community Social Services has been incredibly busy building the Tiny Homes Detroit community on the west side of Detroit.

The neighborhood has continued to grow since last September when the first home was completed. In May we reported that there were six more tiny homes completed.

Next week on Monday, November 6 the non-profit organization will be breaking ground on the next five tiny homes.

When those five homes are complete it will bring the total number of tiny homes to twelve. The plan is to eventually have 25 tiny homes built in that community.

Two of the new homes will be funded by General Motors as part of the Cass Community Social Services Women in Motion program.

The Women in Motion program will give women an opportunity of economic mobility by offering affordable and supportive housing.

The remaining three homes will be funded by Ruth Littleton, St. Kenneth’s Catholic Church and Farmington Orchard UMC.

These homes will help formerly homeless men and women, students, and seniors get into a home that is affordable for them.

The rent is decided by the square footage of the the home, so a 500 square foot home will cost $500 a month to rent.

The only other bill that residents have is electricity. The organization estimates that the electric bill will be around $30 a month.

There is an extensive background check (including criminal history), applicants must meet HUD guidelines, be U.S. Citizens, and they also have an interview.

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