Biking sharing programs have become popular across the country since they started popping up in 2010.

Detroit’s own bike sharing program, MoGo, has just made it in the top 10 for Most Affordable Bike Share Programs in the United States.

The website Instamotor looked at 55 bike sharing programs across the country to see who had the most affordable rates.

The rankings were compiled by taking the cost of a single-day use compared to the average hourly wage in each city.

MoGo made it to the number 9 spot. A daily pass on MoGo will cost you $8.

So what other cities were on the list? Let’s take a look at the top 3.

Another Michigan offering, Ann Arbor’s ArborBike, took the top spot. Boston’s Hubway program nabbed the number two position. Finishing out the trifecta is Los Angeles’s Metro Bike Share program.

You can find the complete Top 10 list here.

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