Despite the news today that the Packard Plant is having another section of it demolished, the reality is Detroit's season of demolition is sunsetting.

In a wide-ranging coversation with Detroit's Constructiona and Demolition Director LaJuan Counts, we talk about:

01:17 - What is her north star when dealing with how divise demolitions can be in the community? 

02:26 - What makes for a "Good Demo?" What are we looking for? What's changed over the years?

04:33 - What are the similarities and differences working in construction in the private sector vs. in the city of Detroit?

07:48 - How is the city handling prospective historic demolitions?

13:23 - How much demolition work is left in the city?

14:54 - We talk about the construction side of her job, including city facilities

16:00 - What's next after the demolitions wind down?

16:54 - What's it like being a black woman in a male dominated field? What has that journey been like?

19:40 - What did you think you knew that you learned different being in the job vs. when you came to it?

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