So what’s the state of Metro Detroit’s fun scene? It’s obviously getting more press, but where does it stand as far how many establishments, what dinner costs, and where we rank against other cities?

The answers might surprise you.

1. Who’s The Biggest Booze Buyer?

Punch Bowl Social, who spent $515,840 with the state of Michigan to purchase for resale in 2015. So despite the snarky claims in some corners of the Internet about how it sucks, somebody must like it as it’s by far and away the moving the most volume. Even more than a strip club.

2. The Average Meal Check Going Out In Detroit is $27

Italian Sausage With Peppers
Italian Sausage with Peppers at Roma Cafe.
Transactions are also up, showing that people are eating out more according to a survey talked about on Eater.

3. But The Meal Price Is Actually Going Down 

That’s right. According to the same survey, prices are down 5.9% from last year. Maybe restauranteurs heard folks talk about how things are getting too expensive. That said, going out to eat in Detroit is nowhere near as expensive as other cities.

4. Detroit Has 1,277 Bars


According to Yelp data via a WanderU ranking, Metro Detroit has 1,277 bars.

5. But Zero Country Dance Halls


6. And Just Three Beer Gardens


7. We’re Ranked 19th In The Country As A Party Hub

Our region beat out places like New Orleans because of the amount of places to party. But no matter what a list says, we Detroiters know how to make a night in Detroit number one.

8. We Have A Lot Of Sports Seats

Comerica Park front entrance

You can’t talk about fun in Detroit without talking about sports. When it comes to our major league teams, Detroit has 168,334 stadium seats in the major stadiums (we added the Palace to the referenced number). If you’re curious, there are approximately 65,000 at Ford Field, about 42,000 at the Palace of Auburn Hills, around 41,000 at Comerica Park and 20,000 at Joe Louis Arena. Although not major league, the popular Detroit City FC soccer team plays in Hamtramck and if you added them it’d be an additional 7,000.

9. Theatre Seats, Too

The old manual marquee is gone. Daily Detroit photo.
The old manual marquee is gone. Daily Detroit photo.
The downtown area also is home to 12,550 theater seats. 5,000 at the Fox Theatre, 3,200 at the Detroit Opera House, 2,200 at the Fillmore and 1,700 at the Music Hall, according to the most recent Detroit 7.2 report.

10. We’re Number One! (For Hockey)

Photo via Hockeytown Facebook Page
Photo via Hockeytown Facebook Page
We’re ranked the number one city in America for hockey fans – but number eight overall for number of sports bars.

Okay, so that was more than 10 numbers if you count up each and every number. Figured we’d give you some extras.

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