In this deep-dive episode, we explore the transformative work of Force Detroit, a nonprofit organization led by Dujuan "Zoe" Kennedy.

His story goes from end to end - from prison to being invited to the White House twice.

He gives us an intimate look into the world of community-based violence intervention.

Kennedy explains the science-backed methods behind their work, and how these approaches help regulate thought processes and emotions. He discusses the importance of addressing trauma and the need for proactive, intentional efforts to deal with it.

The conversation then moves to the role of social media in community conflicts. Kennedy maintains that social media can escalate conflicts by providing unlimited access to individuals, a problem that Force Detroit addresses directly.

Kennedy also shares the impressive impact of their work, with stats showing a significant reduction in non-fatal and fatal shootings in their areas of operation. However, he highlights the need for continuous funding to maintain and scale their work, arguing for policy changes that would ensure permanent funding for community-based violence intervention.

Lastly, Kennedy calls on listeners to get involved, whether through volunteering or advocating for community-led solutions, emphasizing that everyone's expertise and lived experience is valuable when they're informed.

Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation about a grassroots solution to community violence that's making a real difference in Detroit.

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