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Gregg Garrett, our guest today, shares that four million jobs are going to be eliminated through autonomous vehicles from the U.S. economy. On the flip side, $7.8 trillion of value will be created.

So how does not just our country, but our region that is the home of the automotive industry, deal with that?

Whether it’s this or a litany of other stuff that’s happening that we discuss, there’s a train of change coming to Southeast Michigan.

Welcome to your Daily Detroit for Monday, November 4th, 2019.

Garrett He has made a career helping people and companies deal with disruption and be better leaders.

He’s the Founder of CGS Advisors, a local firm that looks at how emerging connected technologies are disrupting industries and society — and helps people deal with it.

He’s an author and the host of “You, me and your top three,” a podcast focused on exploring leadership in the connected world.

We have a wide-ranging conversation that I hope you enjoy and learn something from. 

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