It’s an experience many around town of Polish descent can relate to — singing “Sto Lat” for the birthday of a polish mom or grandmother.

Well, Detroit-born rocker Jack White turned it to 11. During a show in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday White sung “Sto Lat” along with thousands of adoring fans to his 88 year old mother who was at the show.

For the uninitiated, “Sto Lat” is basically the Polish Happy Birthday song. It’s more proper title is “100 Years,” and wishes a healthy and long life.

Jack White, 43, is the youngest of 10 children and his childhood home was near Clark Park in Detroit.

White doesn’t allow phones in his shows, but he did share a picture of it on his Instagram.

For the rest of the month, Jack white will be playing shows in Europe. Come November, he’ll be back in North America.

He’s also got a project in the works that brings him back together with The Raconteurs for their first album in more than 10 years. It’s due out next year.

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