When it comes to stars from Detroit, Keegan Michael Key is kind of having a moment.

Key is part of “The Detroiters,” a new comedy show that starts airing next month, as well as a variety of other projects such as a critically acclaimed movie “Don’t Think Twice” as well as continuing is long time collaboration with Jordan Peele to make “Keanu,” a kitten comedy crime movie.

But for now, thanks to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, there’s a one-time revival of a skit that was popular from Key and Peele’s former Comedy Central show, “Key and Peele” that stopped airing (by their choice) in 2015.

That’s right, Obama’s Anger Translator Luther has returned, this time as part of Obama’s farewell address. Jordan Peele revisits his role as President Barack Obama in the skit, delivering Obama-esque, calm quotes while Key, as the Anger Translator, loses his damn mind.

Of course, there’s some NSFW language in here. If you can’t play the video, here’s a direct link.

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