One of the neat places you find in your travels around Detroit is the Matrix Theatre.

For more than a quarter century, the theatre that’s on Bagley Street has provided professional and educational theatre opportunities for children and adults in isolated or challenged communities to become creators, producers, and audience of engaging theatre productions.

It’s really a magical little place.

However, on the night of August 8/morning of August 9, the theatre had the following items stolen, that are important to producing the upcoming season:

  • Mac mini with Q-Lab program installed (our computer for running sound in the theatre)
  • Lenovo laptop (our box office computer)
  • HP laptop (our administration computer for invoicing, bills, etc…)
  • Cash from the business office

A police report has been filed but the chances of recovery are not very high.

The group is small, and as always, resources are challenging to come by, so the group is turning to the community for help.

Through the crowdfunding site Crowdrise, they’re looking to raise $5,000 – and of this writing, they’re already at $3,345, or about two-thirds of the way there.

If you’re interested in pitching in, the link is here.

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