Tuesday’s primary election results in the city of Detroit turned some heads and created some interesting conversation on social media.

After all, Mayor Mike Duggan pulled in 72% of the vote; and the hotly debated Proposal P fell to defeat by a 2-1 margin. To help unpack what all of it means and what we should be thinking about going forward, Chase Cantrell.

He’s the founder and executive director of Building Community Value and he has a real passion for how policy could improve the lives of Detroiters.

He also understands how systems work. Between running a non-profit, being a developer and having a law background he’s able to add needed context and understanding to the conversation.

We get into topics like:

  • Duggan’s strong showing and the case challenger Anthony Adams needs to make to have a shot.
  • Where Proposal P might have faltered with voters, and three ideas from it City Council should take up legislatively that people actually seem to support.
  • The developing of the apparatus to support candidates running for local office because it takes money and effort.
  • The shift toward elder millennials in leadership in the city.
  • Changing demographics, Detroit’s middle class decline, the city’s probable population decline the next census, home buying trends and how that impacts the city going forward.
  • How Southfield and Ferndale have become “Detroit light” for people leaving the city, especially thanks to high car insurance.
  • Detroit’s crisis of low turnout, with just over 14% of voters showing up.

Find him here: https://www.bcvdetroit.org/

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