Dig, a dating app aimed at dog lovers, is launching in Detroit on Thursday. They’re throwing a kickoff party at WeWork Merchant’s Row in downtown Detroit.  

What’s the deal behind the app? Per their website:

Founders Leigh and Casey Isaacson created Dig after being duped by fake dog lovers too many times. After a relationship ended when a guy refused to let the world’s cutest dog (Layla) in his apartment, Casey wanted to be sure she could find someone who would love her dog as much as she does. On Dig, guys can’t pretend to be dog owners by posting pictures with other people’s dogs just to get the conversation going like they do on other dating apps. Dig is a community of people who care deeply about dogs, whether they’re dog owners or want to get a dog with someone in the future. To dog people, it doesn’t matter who starts the conversation, what mutual hobbies they have, or who they know in common. If the people aren’t on the same page about the dog(s), they just aren’t compatible.

The free party is this Thursday, September 20th.

The humans get free beer and you can get a photo with you and your canine companion.

Also, there’s free nail trimmings, a vet consultation booth, a Pet Smart treat bar and a bag of extras for the doggos. 

The event link is here.

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