Thinking about it for a minute, this might have been the most obvious hidden-in-plain sight drug front ever.

The Detroit News reports that Holy Moly Donuts — a popular donut shop that had four stars on Yelp — wasn’t just slinging sprinkles. It was helping sling weed, allegedly a front for a multi-state marijuana ring.

The ring was ran by three men who lived in Macomb County. Attisha and Junior Asmar of Sterling Heights and James Shammas of Shelby Township.


Apparently, starting in 2016, they laundered drug money from the proceeds of selling marijuana acquired outside of the regulated system (they had growers around Metro Detroit and bought hundreds of pound from out of state) through the doughnut shop on 8 Mile (no wonder those sprinkle toppings cost so much!), a marijuana dispensary next door called Unified Collective and a business that literally fills ATM machines with cash.

The whole story is over here. 

Holy Moly Donuts lists four locations on their website. The 8 Mile location, a 7 Mile location, a location on Grand Boulevard and another one on Telegraph.

This all happens on the eve of recreational Marijuana possibly becoming legal in Michigan. There’s a measure on the ballot that’s currently polling way ahead with 62 percent in favor.

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