When it comes to dining options, a lot has opened up in downtown Detroit. From the fancy to the fad, when it comes to going out to eat, the scene has really improved.

That said, one of our staples was missing. You could get some great coneys. You could get some solid burgers.

But, if you were headed to a ballgame and wanted to grab something before or after… or, say, wanting a slice with some friends at lunch… you couldn’t go to one of the flagship places while parking once (and being practical about it).

Sure, Buddy’s has been in the city for a long time with their flagship on the Conant and that’s awesome. But it’s not convenient when you’re practically tethered within a People Mover ride of your cubicle.

If there’s one thing I learned working in corporate Detroit — and having friends that still do — exploration of Detroit’s dining scene during lunch is something that most people, sadly, don’t do enough of. And more should.

Beyond that, it was really weird for a while there when Giordano’s had a deep dish Chicago style. Where was the pizza that is our signature? If a person traveled to a hotel in Detroit, they couldn’t get some of our Detroit style pizza without a trip a couple miles up the road.

And, in case you were wondering, those of you reading from out of town, that $5 Little Caesars is NOT Detroit Style. And yes, there were a couple of touch-and-go options.

It’s been in process for awhile, but we have a date for Buddy’s at 1565 Broadway, where the old Angelina’s Bistro used to be. And that date is Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

There will be the sit-down restaurant inside, a patio, and — I think this is crucial with the office drone crowd — a grab and go window.

Speed and price matter to that group of diners, and it seems like they’ll be set up to take advantage of the opportunity.

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