Avalon is one of those names that has become synonymous with Detroit’s current revitalization efforts.

Opening in 1997 in the Cass Corridor, Avalon’s founders Ann Perrault and Jackie Victor invested in Detroit when, as the story they tell goes, even when their landlord on Willis Street said “this neighborhood isn’t ready for windows.”

But put in windows they did. And so it began. Now, with multiple locations already under their belt, they’re opening a downtown cafe.

But Perrault and Victor proved them otherwise, building a successful business all the while focusing on quality and hiring in their community.

So the next step in their journey is this new cafe in downtown Detroit at the corner of Woodward and State. This morning it was revealed at a media preview and so let’s step inside.

First off, let’s talk about the food.

Avocado toast is coming to downtown Detroit.

But the menu isn’t just baked goods or breakfast — it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and even beer.

It’s divided into fancy toast, bun and bread sandwiches, fork entrees, green bowl salads, sides and pizzas.

Click or tap the images to embiggen the menus.

There’s a grab and go counter for busy downtown professionals and those who just needs something real quick.

The drinks on the alcoholic side are beer and wine with a focus on locally sourced selections. There’s also Mighty Good coffee, soft drinks and other options.

The design of the space is by the same person who did their original location on Willis, Heritage Co. II Architectural Artifacts.

It shows with the blend of a very modern frame of a space in the bottom of a relatively recently constructed parking garage and eclectic vintage.

There’s a seating area along Woodward.

The space is nearly 3,000 square feet and located at 1049 Woodward Avenue.

The soon to be open Avalon cafe and bakery from Woodward Avenue. Daily Detroit photo.

The new location will be open seven days a week. For an area with limited Sunday food options, that’s smart on their part. Complete hours are on their website.

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