In what will surely rank as one of the more ridiculous ventures ever undertaken by your Daily Detroit, we offer you today’s show. It’s essentially a taste test, undertaken by our team members using the latest in COVID-safe masks and social distancing practices, of eight Michigan-made hard seltzers judged against White Claw as the wildly popular standard-bearer:

Michigan-made hard seltzers in alphabetical order

Listen to hear the winners! Just click play ▶️ below.

Her passes Michigan-made hard seltzers out the window to Randy
Devin poses with Michigan-made hard seltzers

The idea for this show came from Engineer Randy, an avowed fan of alcoholic, flavored carbonated waters, who scoured retail shelves far and wide to uncover Mitten-made hard seltzer gems. Devon O’Reilly, Daily Detroit’s Man About Town, also lent his enthusiasm and taste buds, while Jer and Shianne rounded out our Distinguished Panel of tasters. Sports correspondent Fletcher Sharpe and yours truly offered moral support.

This episode is devoted to science, because someone had to do it.

Have you tried any of these Michigan-made hard seltzers? Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know your favorite by contacting us!

I need a beer.

Michigan-made hard seltzers compared to White Claw
The hard seltzers ranked against White Claw, from left.
Jer wearing a mask and headphones while holding an audio recorder

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