Happy Friday and Happy Tigers Opening Day! Devon and Jer are in the studio for the Friday episode.

Here's the all-local podcast rundown:

03:44 - Devon checked out the newly renovated Eatori restaurant and market in Downtown Detroit's Capitol Park, and Jer went to the media preview so they both have thoughts.

08:02 - A trip to Sylvan Lake highlights a listener suggestion for a Maurice Salad of Hudson's fame (Ellen's) as well as a couple of very pretty spots for home and garden stuff, Detroit Garden Works and Fleur Detroit. Devon takes issue with businesses that are not based in the city proper, or don't have a location in Detroit, using "Detroit" in their name - although it's very popular in the suburbs. Your thoughts? 

15:19 - With Devon having experience in the mobility space, he ha a few of his own thoughts to share on the self-driving shuttle pilot in downtown Detroit 

22:36 - The David Whitney building got a glow-up, and Devon shares details.

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