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Happy Monday, and welcome to a new week of your Daily Detroit. Today, Jer talks about an eventful past week spent at the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island, filling us in on some of the things he came away with beyond just the headlines about no-fault auto insurance reform.

Specifically, it’s becoming clear that Detroit’s comeback needs a lot more juice (read: money — and residents) just to come up to par with the competition. He also does the math on the so-called 7.2, the informal name for Detroit’s downtown and adjacent district that have seen most investment lately, and the costs to fix Michigan’s decrepit roads.

Also, an interesting post pushes the idea that the cost $10 a month per Michigan driver on average to raise $1 billion for the roads.

Elswhere, we cover:

  • Could the Regional Transit Authority be revived in a scaled-back version? Its board chairman dropped a hint recently. [Michigan Matters]
  • Mortgages hit a decade high in Detroit in April, but they’re still well below what they should be.
  • The Detroit City Council is considering giving city residents a 50% break on parking violations if paid within five days. [Detroit News]
  • The company behind the megahit online multiplayer video game Fortnite is opening an office in Detroit. No, not to develop new Fortnite dance moves. [Crain’s]
  • The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is resuming nighttime closures starting June 23.

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