With the increased pace of investment, Detroit’s becoming more and more bike friendly it seems by the week.

Today brings news that the Downtown Detroit Partnership (DDP) received a $250,000 grant from the Erb Family Foundation.

The grant will fund green infrastructure and stormwater management improvements as part of the Downtown Bike Network. That’s a 1.6-mile infrastructure project that improves street and sidewalk non-motorized connections throughout the downtown area.

The project will begin in the Capitol Park neighborhood, with the idea that it would expand throughout the city. 

“This project represents a significant investment in pilot green infrastructure, and cements our commitment to innovative design and sustainability,” said Eric Larson, CEO, DDP. “It is our intent that this project will be easily replicated in other areas of the city and further throughout the region.”

According to the DDP, the project will improve stormwater management through the installation of permeable pavement and bioswales that capture rainwater.

What is a bioswale? We didn’t know either. It’s landscaping that’s designed to concentrate or remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water.

This investment in technology will also help highlight the city as a model for urban mobility infrastructure. The idea is that there will be safe routes that connect the new QLINE streetcar, city buses, and Detroit’s bike share system, MoGo. 

Construction is anticipated to begin next year.

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