The news of Major League Soccer’s strong possibility that it will come to Detroit thanks to a super-billionaire team up of Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores, venture capitalist and owner of the Detroit Pistons, has the city all abuzz.

Part of the discussion is where on earth would they put the new soccer stadium? Polls have it going on the Wayne County Jail site (which the county has categorically denied), the riverfront which is in hot demand for residential and a stadium isn’t the best use of land – or Corktown, or the old Uniroyal factory site by Belle Isle (both don’t fit in that walkability window) – but after kicking it around the answer might be right under our noses.

After doing some quick research, we found that pretty much every property near the Brewster-Wheeler recreation center, which is going to get a fancy new restaurant along with a new office for the super-popular Slow Roll Bike Ride, is owned by various entities the city controls, especially – wait for it – the Detroit Housing Commission.

A huge chunk of land all owned by one entity, near the current stadium complexes. How convenient.

Map highlights by Daily Detroit. Base map screenshotted from MakeLoveland.
Map highlights by Daily Detroit. Base map screenshotted from MakeLoveland.

BTW – Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself on Loveland.

It also fits in the description of a “10 to 15 minute walk from all the stadiums” – not to mention, a decision is due this April, according to Crain’s, for the “housing implementation entity” for the land. That means there could be there’s a whole lot more than just a stadium coming.

To be clear – this is total speculation but after some consideration the other sites don’t make any sense, aren’t available, or are too far away to fit the described walkability zone.

So Dan and Tom, if we’re right, wink with your right eye, willya?

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