It is a busy show today!

01:13 – The Pensole Lewis School of Business and Design will be Michigan’s only HBCU. The school is the brainchild of Dr. D’Wayne Edwards and we caught up for a few minutes and tell the story of how this project that not only teaches design as a career, but offers free tuition, comes together.

08:18 – Towing has been a source of controversy and corruption in metro Detroit. The city has a new ordinance to try and curb the abuses and tilt things more in favor of residents.

09:47 – Things are not smelling like roses on Detroit’s east side near the Stellantis plant.

10:37 – The city is in line to get a new Detroit Animal Care and Control facility, more than doubling the number of available kennels to 200.

11:26 – Fletcher Sharpe steps in to talk Detroit City FC’s matchdays, the upcoming Black Star initiative to help build soccer in the Detroit community. He then has thoughts on Ben Wallace joining the Piston’s front office and whether Grant Hill should have his number retired.

p.s. – I know from being in the city awhile people appreciate when you ask for what you need. So two things.

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