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📰 What to know

» Here’s a case of when trying to do good goes horribly wrong. It all started when Sandra Wilson saw a credit card left at her neighborhood east side Detroit gas station. She tried to give it back to the person who left it, but ended up giving it to the wrong person.

That wrong person ended up spending tons of money fraudulently on the card.


  • Sandra had the credit card for less than a minute
  • She didn’t spend the money
  • And the video evidence is clear and shows what happened

Felony charges were pursued against her after an interrogation where there were questionable practices used by police.

Shortly after sitting down, Sandra is told by a detective she is “the focus of the investigation” and is told she'll be read her Miranda Rights.

Quickly, Sandra says she wants a lawyer.

“I need an attorney,” she says on camera, adding: “Because you all are about to hand me up on something I did not do, did not do. (I) don’t steal.”

She would repeat her request for a lawyer twice.

The detective has Sandra read her Miranda rights aloud, initialing and then signing her name.

The detective wrote at 10:54 AM: “The subject refused to make a statement and asked to speak to an attorney.”

But the interrogation didn’t stop. It continued for another 30 minutes, and not just with one officer.

The charges against her were later thrown out by a judge, calling them “absurd and ridiculous and wrong.”

The person who actually seems to have done a crime? Still at large.

Sandra’s life is now upside down. You’re going to want to watch part one and part two of this, where she hasn’t been able to find a job because of the social media posts that float around to this day. That lack of work is leading to her eviction.

  1. She tried to return a lost credit card. Why did Detroit police accuse her of stealing it? [WYXZ]
  2. Did Detroit officers responsible for 'absurd' arrest conduct improper interrogation? [WXYZ]

Two things, IMHO.

  • Hats off to Ross Jones at Channel 7 for this one, because this woman deserves justice. In my opinion with the facts at hand that means an apology, a check, and a change in the system so this doesn’t happen again. One has to wonder how many other cases like this exist.
  • This points to the responsibility in my mind of any outlet that publishes pictures of the alleged — be it mugshots or for search purposes — that if someone’s been cleared, go back and take them down. It can, and does as is the case with Sandra here, ruin lives.

» The Detroit Police Department is expanding their crisis intervention team (CIT), with the goal to avoid lethal force on calls. The DPD responds to about 64 mental health calls a day. CIT officers will have different uniforms, car decals, and green lights rather than traditional blue and red. The CIT is planned to grow from 18 to 30 members, and they will undergo de-escalation and situational awareness training. [ClickOnDetroit]

We recently discussed possible actions the police department could take when it comes to responding to mental health issue on an episode about the Porter Burks case with attorney Vince Colella.

» There's too much weed being grown, not enough places to sell it and not enough consumers, potentially, to consume it in Michigan. Product oversupply has collapsed marijuana prices from $494 per ounce of flower in February 2020 to just $102 per ounce in October of this year. This means big operations are vertically integrating, buying up distressed retailers and more. [Crain’s Detroit Business]

It’s not surprising to me to see the market in free fall. I don’t know any consumers complaining about low prices, but a lot of businesses and jobs are impacted.

» The duo behind the hit HGTV show Bargain Block plan to renovate nine homes in Detroit’s Fitzgerald neighborhood near Livernois for their third season. [Outlier Media]

» Ron Swanson, resident of the Detroit Zoo, died on Tuesday. The trumpeter swan found sanctuary at the zoo in 2002. Ron enjoyed spending time on his island with his mate Leslie Knope. The Detroit Zoo wrote:

Over the years, Ron was treated for a chronic foot issue. This ultimately prevented him from walking, and the decision was made for humane euthanasia. Ron was a favorite of staff members, guests and his beloved mate. He will be greatly missed. Leslie is currently sharing space in the aardvark grotto with the American pelicans and is doing well. [Detroit Zoo's post]

» Detroit's Pine Knob Music Theatre is the top amphitheater in the world. Pollstar ranked it #1 in gross ticket sales, raking in $36.9 million. The venue in Auburn Hills venue just had its 50th anniversary season. In Detroit, Little Caesars Arena came in 10th in the nation in its category with $75.4 million in sales; and the historic Fox Theatre was 15th in the country as far as theaters with $24.8 million. [313 Presents]

» Detroit Dog Rescue is asking for toilet paper and paper towel rolls to stuff with treats and goodies for the shelter’s dogs. [Detroit Dog Rescue]

» Plans are starting to come together to repair and improve Detroit’s long-neglected Hart Plaza. [Bridge Detroit]

» Henry Ford College (HFC) students will have guaranteed admission to Wayne State University. The program benefits all HFC students, creating a pathway to earn a four year degree. [Detroit News]

» Inn Season Kitchen In Royal Oak is done this weekend. The fast-casual vegan and vegetarian restaurant cites the costs of cauliflower, romaine lettuce, and oil going up between 80 and 200 percent. Renovations on the popular Inn Season Cafe are coming along and they hope to reopen “in the near future.” [Inn Season FB]

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants have been taking it on the chin lately. Between a niche market, rising costs (remember that I mentioned the increased costs in a previous edition), it’s been a tough business. If you’ve got an example of a vegan or vegetarian restaurant that’s knocking it out of the box and you want me to know about it, dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com.

» A combo bookstore and wine bar is opening at Grand River and West Warren in an old bank building. It’s called “Vesper” and aims to be open this spring. [Eater Detroit]

🎧 On the podcast…

» Looking for a last-minute Michigan made gift for your favorite Michigander? Me and Engineer Randy shared our favorites on Monday.

» Detroit City FC signed the Norwegian Skage Simonsen. On Tuesday, Fletcher Sharpe joined me to talk about it, a couple other signings, and preview the Detroit Lions game this weekend.

» On Wednesday we talked about some major towing reforms in the City of Detroit that should be an improvement for residents and visitors. Plus, plans for a nature center in Macomb County were nixed, and we discuss if you’d buy Aretha Franklin’s old mansion.

» The Thursday show got into a new poll out from the Detroit Regional Chamber and the Glengariff Group about what Michigan voters are focused on. For the first time in decades, Democrats take over the state legislature.

» And Friday, me and Devon O’Reilly talk about a long-gone bakery mystery solved, a new steakhouse coming to town, donut recommendations and more.

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