Podcasting is great because it’s like radio, but better. Here are some key differences.

  • Podcasts can be about whatever topic you’re interested in because you aren’t limited to the geography of how far the signal from a broadcast tower can go.
  • The formats are more varied. Some are 20 minutes. Some three hours. As long as it’s not boring, it’s fine.
  • There are usually fewer ads, and those that are there are generally less annoying.
  • It’s on-demand, so you can play when it fits into your life.
  • And, of course, no pesky FCC regulations.

So if you have an oddly timed commute? Spin up a podcast, stay in the know. Is your time to listen while walking the dog? You can find a podcast about dogs for your dog walk. Cleaning the house? I often listen to a show.

For International Podcast Day, me and Sven Gustafson put together this list of shows we listen to and talked about them on our most recent Daily Detroit podcast.

Here’s that conversation, and the links to the shows we talk about are below the player:

National podcast recommendations:

All Songs Considered

The Daily

Football Weekly (Soccer)

The Joe Rogan Experience 

One Bad Mother

Pod Save America

Revolutions podcast

Song Exploder

Sound Opinions

Today, Explained

WTF with Marc Maron

The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe

Local Detroit podcast recommendations:

Already GoneHere’s our interview with Nina Innsted

Arc Junkies

Heard Podcast

The Detroit History Podcast

IT in the D

Shattered (most recent season about White Boy Rick)

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