If you didn’t know, Detroit is an originator of a variety of cocktails, including the Last Word (created at the Detroit Athletic Club) and the Hummer (A Bayview Yacht a club creation, according to legend).

Those cocktails had high birth near boats and cigars.

This new entrant, however, is a drink of the people. Meet “The Dumpster Fire,” complete with miniature Dumpster. When we saw this on Instagram, we couldn’t think of a better way to ring out the year that took Carrie Fisher, George Michael, John Glenn, David Bowie and many other known names.

Although 2016 wasn’t maybe the highest number of celebrities who died in a year, for a variety of reasons it sure felt heavy. So let’s send it off right.

Created by metro Detroit’s supreme commander of sauce, Nick Britsky (who has a variety of titles, including Thrillist’s Detroit Beverage Director), this is a creative and unique play that will impress your party guests tonight and help you forget the year that was.

As a tribute to 2016 I present my newest cocktail, The Dumpster Fire. This year has been a combination of loss, disappointment and extreme frustration to put it very mildly. Nothing sums up the experience better than a flaming pile of trash. However, I did make a quite tasty cocktail to celebrate the end of this year. – 1.0 oz White @donqrum – 0.5 oz @wrayandnephewus Overproof Rum – 1.0 oz #Cynar – 0.5 oz @luxardousa Maraschino Liqueur – Absinthe to Garnish – Shake everything but absinthe with ice and strain into a mini die-cast dumpster (thanks #3000toys). Float a barspoon of absinthe and light a flame. Extinguish your flame with the convenient dumpster flaps. Here is hoping to a better 2017. #nye2016 #dumpsterfire #dumpsterfire2016

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All of the ingredients and their exact amounts are in the Instagram post, but it includes rum, overproof rum, maraschino liqueur, absinthe, and … a toy dumpster.

Cheers to a better 2017 and Happy New Year from Detroit.

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