In this episode, Fletcher Sharpe discusses the recent changes and developments with the Detroit Pistons. 

The team covers the hiring of coach J.B. Bickerstaff, the impact of Fred Vinson on player shooting performance, and the potential of new draft picks Ron Holland and Bobi Klintman. 

They also talk about the return of Tobias Harris, Cade Cunningham's commitment to the team, and the overall outlook for the upcoming season.

Fletcher shares his insights on what the team needs to do to improve and the importance of patience with young players. Don't miss their detailed analysis and predictions for the Pistons' future.

Key Topics:

  • J.B. Bickerstaff's coaching style and impact
  • Fred Vinson's influence on shooting performance
  • New draft picks: Ron Holland and Bobi Klintman
  • Return of Tobias Harris
  • Cade Cunningham's role and future with the Pistons
  • Team development and expectations for the upcoming season
  • Importance of patience with young talent


Tune in for a comprehensive overview of the Detroit Pistons' current state and what fans can look forward to in the near future.

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