Today on your Daily Detroit, we're chatting with Ryan Hertz, the head of Lighthouse Michigan.  Ryan tells us about the amazing work Lighthouse is doing for affordable housing and emergency services in Oakland County and beyond.

We begin with how Lighthouse Michigan started. It's a combination of two old human service organizations. They aim to provide emergency shelter, food services, and affordable housing. Ryan talks about the big problems that cause homelessness and the new ways Lighthouse is using to solve them.

Ryan also talks about the issues of affordability in cities like Pontiac, comparing it to what's happening in Detroit. He speaks about the growing number of households in Oakland County struggling to pay rent and the various strategies Lighthouse is using to make housing affordable.

Ryan shares some interesting future projects, too. These include rebuilding apartment buildings in Pontiac, expanding their emergency shelter, and setting up a campus with a health clinic, job training programs, and a food pantry that respects the choices of its clients.

Ryan stresses that working together is key to achieving these big goals. He highlights the need for everyone to help fight poverty and build fair communities. He suggests moving from a charity approach to a justice approach, which he believes will benefit the whole economy.

Join us for this interesting chat about the future of affordable housing, community development, and the important role of teamwork in making lasting changes in southeast Michigan.

(Listen to the MP3 version here)

This was recorded at the Mackinac Policy Conference. Thanks to our sponsor for this episode, your Metro Detroit Best Choice Roofing. Call 313-474-7031 for more information.

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