As long as we’ve done this show, growing Michigan, and getting it into gear to be competitive against the rest of the country has been a topic.

Honestly, it sometimes feels like I'm screaming down into the void as someone who is usually pushing for things to be better.

Because as much as we love our city, region and state, there's much to be proud of… There is work to do. There has been for years. After all, Michigan is second to last in the nation for attracting people from other states. Mix that with our well-documented brain drain? It hasn’t been a good recipe.

So how do we wrestle with all of this? 

Today’s conversation is from the Mackinac Policy Conference with a special guest, Hilary Doe, Michigan's Chief Growth Officer.

Join us as we have an in-depth discussion about Michigan's population growth, talent attraction, and the future of the state.

Key topics include:

Population Growth and Talent Attraction: Hilary Doe shares insights from a new national poll targeting young talent in cities like Austin, Nashville, New York, and LA. Discover what factors are most important to young people when choosing a place to call home, with safety, community diversity, and walkability topping the list.

Public Engagement: We talk about the public engagement efforts undertaken by Hilary's office, including conversations with thousands of Michiganders and national polling. Hear how these efforts are shaping policies and initiatives aimed at retaining and attracting young talent.

Housing and Economic Realities: Dive into the critical issue of housing affordability and its impact on talent attraction. Hilary discusses the importance of down payment support and the need to address Michigan's rent burden to make the state more attractive to young professionals. It's not just about the cost of housing, but the cost as percentage of income. 

Legislative Momentum and Pilot Programs: We talk about some of the policy recommendations from the "Growing Together Michigan" report and the legislative momentum they've gained. Hilary outlines the pilot programs being rolled out to address regional specificities in talent retention and attraction.

Storytelling and Marketing Michigan: We get into the importance of storytelling in changing perceptions about Michigan. Hilary highlights the success of the "You Can in Michigan" campaign, which has already driven significant interest and won multiple awards.

Balancing Long-term Goals with Immediate Actions: Hilary discusses the importance of incremental progress and the role of every Michigander in promoting the state. Discover the specific policies and initiatives that are set to make a difference in the short term.

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