On today’s show:

  • Latest COVID-19 numbers around the state
  • The city of Detroit’s budget is going to be balanced, but there have been some cuts and rainy day fund usage. Also, bonds are being sold for improvements.
  • Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock has bought the former Sakthi Automotive campus in Detroit. We have details.
  • Home values in Oakland and Macomb counties are way up over the last five years, far above statewide averages. Wayne is too, but pacing below the state’s pace.
  • Amazon is hiring thousands in Michigan, starting at $15 an hour.

Then, a couple of conversations.

With wildfires and air quality in the news, the American Lung Association has a new report out that talks about the impact on the local air of switching to electric cars.

You might not realize it because we’re not as smoggy as some cities, but our air pollution situation in metro Detroit isn’t good, and a big part of that is all the vehicles we drive. Ken Fletcher from the ALA has more.

Then, in these divisive times, how does one navigate political conversations at work? Should you even engage? Trisha Plovie from Robert Half joins me for some tips and localized statistics on how metro Detroiters feel about the subject.

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