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It’s March 13, or written another way, 3/13, or #313Day.

It’s become quite a thing locally on social media. And it’s become, in Jer’s words, “a meme holiday.” Although it’s great to spread positivity, it could be a lot better. He’s got a different proposal to try and infuse some more action into it. We talk about it on the podcast.

There’s lots of real news we cover on today’s show, as well:

  • Ford is issuing pink slip to salaried workers in Dearborn
  • Fiat Chrysler is recalling some 860,000 vehicles that don’t meet federal emissions standards
  • City Airport is getting its main runway replaced, which would seem to put rumors of redevelopment to rest
  • The Foundation Hotel faces a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, now a group of Trump supporters says it’s on the wrong end of discrimination by the hotel
  • We circle back to the fact the Masonic Temple inked a deal with AEG
  • Detroit vs. Everybody is teaming up with Adidas for a new line of sneakers and apparel
  • And Anthology Coffee is moving to Eastern Market

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