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Today on the podcast, an eight-and-a-half-mile section of I-75 that has been falling into third-world disrepair lately is set to see reconstruction soon. The Michigan Department of Transportation has announced details of the reconstruction project, which will zero in on the stretch between 13 Mile and Coolidge, including 18 bridges.

There’s no word on when exactly work will start, but it will likely have to wait ’til the current icepocalypse is done.

Also on today’s show, both the Freep and News have stories about an apparent conflict of interest in the Wayne County Treasurer’s office. Treasurer Eric Sabree’s wife has been buying up properties from the Wayne County foreclosure auction, despite the office’s own rules barring family members from doing that.

In related news, a shout-out to Detour Detroit and Outlier Media, who are holding an event Feb. 21 to build an independent database to better track the Wayne County tax auction. More information is on their Facebook page, if you’d like to help.


Ford faces a lawsuit from three MIT professors who say the automaker stole their patented technology for use in EcoBoost engines

Bipartisan legislation under development in Lansing would lift some caps on the number of snow days for school districts in Michigan, meaning it’d be less likely to have to hold make-up days that cut into summer

A new Polish restaurant is coming to West Village.

And Qdoba Mexican Eats is adding Impossible meat to its menu.

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