Two years ago, the city of Detroit launched their Improve Detroit App.

According to city officials, over the past two years it has helped to resolve more than 70,000 issues ranging from potholes to illegal dumping and clogged street drains.

This week they’ve added new functionality with a series of park-related categories of issues residents can report.

They include damaged park equipment, park restroom issues, mowing needed, graffiti, and if trash pickup is needed

The city says that they expect to be able to address most reported issues in a matter of days.

“Picking up trash or mowing the grass will be easy to take care of and we appreciate hearing about these issues when they arise,” Brad Dick, Director of General Services for the city of Detroit said in a statement. “If we have damaged park equipment, we can make sure it’s safe or removed, but if we need to replace something, we ask for a little more patience.”

Detroit residents can either download the free Improve Detroit App from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Here’s where you can download all of the Detroit apps.

The app automatically detects the reporting citizen’s location and gives them a menu of issues to choose from.

Once a resident identifies the issue category, they can upload a photo and a comment. Residents can also report issues online here.

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