Game of Thrones is the ultimate series for nerds who like murder and intrigue.

As we embark on the final season of the show, I’m reminded of a listicle from Filmtrippers that labeled Detroit Winterfell. They said at the time:

A hardened, steel-wielding city, fallen from grace. Winter is always coming.Detroit, stronghold of the North, makes no apologies. It’s cold, harsh, and is only a pale reflection of what it used to be. Even still, the decay hasn’t stopped the steel-wielding city from being a beautiful, proud place.


The site goes on to talk about Washington D.C. being King’s Landing and a bunch of other cities.

But I had a thought. What if Detroit is more like Harrenhal?

Harrenhal from the series

Harrenhal was a tall castle built on the back of laborers, and was designed with thick walls that are said to hold back an army of a million. It is the largest castle in the Seven Kingdoms, with tall towers.

However, in George R. R. Martin’s story, it was burned by dragons and stands in ruins.

And King Harren learned that thick walls and high towers are small use against dragons. For dragons fly.

Old Nan to Catelyn Stark’s children

In parallel, Detroit has been hurting for a long time due to economic changes that left it unable to compete, where many thought (until recently) that Detroit had no hope of turning it around.

Harrenhal also apparently a cursed castle — but there’s a fan theory that it will be ruled by a branch of the House of Stark.

I don’t know which city to pick, myself. But I do know all roads lead to Winterfell right now (thanks Google!). Which, if you think Detroit is like Winterfell, then everyone is headed here?

Game of Thrones is back for its final season Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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