Today we’re diving into one of Detroit’s most historic and charming neighborhoods: Indian Village. Joining us in the studio at TechTown is Mark Reynolds, the chairperson of the 2024 Indian Village Home Tour. 

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Get ready for a fundiscussion about the allure, history, and future of Indian Village.

  • Mark Reynolds' Journey to Indian Village: Discover what drew Mark to move from the suburbs to Indian Village and why he became so involved in the community.
  • Historical Significance: Learn about the fascinating history of Indian Village, from its origins as a ribbon farm and horse racing track to its development into a high-end neighborhood with homes built by Detroit's elite.
  • Stunning Architecture: Explore the unique and eclectic architecture of Indian Village, where few houses are the same, and hear about the meticulous efforts to preserve these historic homes.
  • Community Spirit: Understand the strong sense of community that has helped Indian Village thrive, including the role of the Indian Village Association in maintaining the neighborhood's integrity.
  • Future Prospects: Discuss the influx of new families into the neighborhood and what this means for the future of Indian Village. It's chaning quickly, as 20% of the neighborhood has turned over since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.
  • Indian Village Home Tour: Get all the details about the upcoming 48th Indian Village Home and Garden Tour, including how to get tickets, what to expect, and the unique homes and gardens featured this year.

Join us for a walk through memory lane and a peek into the future of Indian Village.

For more details on the Indian Village Home Tour, visit Tickets can also be purchased at the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church on the day of the tour.

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