It’s amazing what some seats and pouring a floor can do to take something that was looking a little sparse to looking like there’s actually going to be hockey and basketball played in it.

Last week the cement floor that will support the ice rink and the basketball court (depending on the night) poured, and this week seats started to get put in.

And good news, sports fans – they have cup holders.

Inside of the Little Caesars Arena. Photo via Olympia Development.

According to the District Detroit, the seats were manufactured by Grand Rapids-based Irwin Seating. They have been based in Michigan for more than 100 years.

Photo via Olympia Development.

The seats are installed in three parts. First the standards (which affix the precast concrete risers), then the seat backs and finally the cushions.

If you’re looking for something fancier, there will be 60 corporate suites.

The arena that will have about 20,000 seats is on track to be finished by this September.

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