In a creative Superbowl commercial for Turkish Airlines (yes, they’re a real thing founded in 1933) that’s cleverly also a promotion for the upcoming “Batman Vs. Superman” movie, there’s a mention in the storyline of Wayne Enterprises making a substantial grant to the airline so it can begin service to Gotham City.

But he delivers his line walking out of Detroit’s iconic Penobscot building – could that be the headquarters of Wayne Enterprises? Or is he just walking between meetings? We’ve embedded the video above.

Screenshot of Batman vs. Superman commercial
Screenshot of Batman vs. Superman commercial

The Penobscot’s design is Art Deco, so the sensibility fits. It has an epic tower and storied past. And, it’s covered up by a drop ceiling now, but in its heyday the lobby was something to behold, perfect for a magnate of Wayne’s stature (you can see it over here at the amazing site).

This isn’t the first time the front of building has made a cameo appearance in a Superbowl ad. It was in the much-loved Chrysler commercial with Eminem.

One can’t imagine Wayne being happy in a modern glass tower, after all. What are your thoughts?

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