From things to do this January 2024 to remembering BD’s Mongolian Grill still exists to answering a listener question to the best of our ability why there were no restaurant weeks in Winter vs. where they moved here from, it’s a fun show.

– Posting a complete companion guide later today to all the events in January mentioned around Metro Detroit. 

  • Jer went to see the amazing John Oliver show and now will never look at the Fox Theater the same again.
  • Shianne rediscovered a joy of her younger years, BD’s Mongolian Grill which still exists around Metro Detroit if you look hard enough. Did you used to go there? Remember the spot in Royal Oak?
  • And then a listener question, they recently moved here from Chicago and wonder why Detroit doesn’t have restaurant weeks in January/February like there and New York. Well, there’s some history behind that – that now we realize there’s a bunch of listeners might not know.

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