This may seem preemptive, but if you’re a well-weather Michigander then you’re aware that September is the month of reckoning.

Though we typically enjoy lots of sunshine and mild temperatures during this month, we all know soon enough we’re in for the harsh reality of ice, snow, and bitter cold temperatures.

We all have different approaches to dealing with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but Denver-based Frontier Airlines is doing their part to help the cause, announcing the addition of a new daily non-stop flight from Detroit to Orlando beginning November 18th.

The best part? The flights are going to be dirt cheap, ranging from $49 to $69 each way. In other words, if you can manage to stay out of the pub for a weekend, you could be spending that hard earned cash on margaritas by the pool during the long winter months.

So go ahead and book look your flight now – who knows how long this stellar deal will last!

You can purchase tickets from the Frontier Airlines website by clicking here.

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