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Our guest today is Kara Swisher, one of the foremost tech and business journalists in the country. Beyond her work at Vox and her column at the New York Times, she’s found success with her podcasts including Recode/ Decode and another she co-hosts, Pivot.

I wanted to talk with Kara for a variety of reasons. After all, southeast Michigan is central to one of America’s most significant industries, autos.

Cars and trucks are full of tech on four wheels. But preferences are changing. So what will the world look like in the future? And how will companies adapt?

But it’s not just about cars. Going forward, if our area is going to succeed economically, we’ll have to diversify.

So how do you make out of what you got, and how do you get the flywheel going to create new opportunities?

We also get into her passion for civic life.

She has an event March 18th about what big tech owes us with former Facebook security chief officer Alex Stamos in Ann Arbor if you’re interested, here’s a link.

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