Everything old is new again – and the Capitol Park section of downtown, that was in recent memory served in part as a DDOT bus turnaround, is in the middle of a full-on investment binge.

The latest news is La Lanterna, originally established in 1956 in Capitol Park in what is now the Malcomson building will reopen at 1214 Griswold, a building otherwise known as The Albert.

The new 2,000 square foot restaurant will be in the historic Capitol Park district, a district so named because at one time the capitol of the State of Michigan was located there. The restaurant is the newest addition to the popular DaEdoardo Restaurants that have been in the family three generations, with multiple locations in Metro Detroit.

The new La Lanterna restaurant, led by Edward Barbieri III, his wife Suzie Barbieri and his two sisters Ann Kolinski and Alicia Topolinski, will have the same Italian concept as when Barbieri’s grandfather operated it more than 35 years ago.

The restaurant is the latest edition to the three-generation family owned DaEdoardo Restaurants, featuring a portfolio of Italian restaurants located in Grosse Pointe and Grand Blanc.

La Lanterna will focus on producing “authentic Italian food inspired by the family’s history in northern Italy,” according to a statement. It will offer a casual dining experience for lunch and dinner that is both business lunch and pre-sporting event friendly. There will be between 60-70 seats, a full bar, and delivery service to the downtown and midtown areas.

Barbieri selected The Albert in Detroit’s expanding Capitol Park location not only because of its historic tie, but also due to the area’s rapidly expanding restaurant reputation and proximity to the downtown business district.

“It is gratifying to return to the Capitol Park area where our family’s first restaurant was established,” said Barbieri. “Our original menu of classic Italian dishes, with an emphasis on pizza, will also include pasta dishes featuring our exclusive pasta sauces, sandwiches and other entrees. We are eager to re-establish La Lanterna as an Italian favorite in Detroit.”

La Lanterna is expected to open in the fall of 2016, and will join Detroit Bikes, Dessert Oasis, and soon Go Sy Thai and the Detroit Optimist Society in the same building.

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