Le Petit Zinc has been one of the cuter places in greater downtown Detroit.

Focused on breakfast, brunch and lunch, the French-inspired and themed restaurant announced that it was closing tomorrow on Facebook. That’s Sunday, April 21.

The restaurant made its name for years as a go-to brunch spot in Corktown on Trumbull, but moved after a dispute with their landlord. Last year they opened the Midtown location, and apparently, things haven’t gone so well.

My Two Cents: If I’m honest, I didn’t love it in Midtown as much as Corktown. Moving it from a quirky spot that was out of the way to the heart of Midtown changed things, including not having a quiet-ish patio that had plants.

Le Petit Zinc patio in Corktown

It’s also just another sign that Detroit has hit the change tipping point when it comes to its restaurant scene. Although change is inevitable with so many new people moving into the downtown core, I will miss those days when places like Honest?Johns, a place that seems to have adapted well to the new clientele — was, shall we say, a little more colorful around the edges.

But I know in my heart that the particular version of Detroit I remember, with places like Farmer’s Restaurant and Tom’s Tavern, is not long for this world.

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