This is your Daily Detroit News Byte Podcast for February 27, 2018.

Our Detroit news stories today:

  • Detroit has a new budget and that could mean more officers on the streets
  • All of Detroit’s election day poll workers are to be re-tested
  • A long time Detroit politician, Burton Leland, has died.
  • You can get some ice cream to soothe your pothole woes.
  • A new factory opens in Detroit.
  • Big Sean and and Emagine team up to open a movie theatre in the city.
  • A steel factory opens in the city of Detroit.
  • Autonomous vehicle news

And, we preview what’s happening the next couple of days, including our booth at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Detroit Policy Conference (if you’re going, say hi!) and an upcoming Daily Detroit Happy Hour Podcast with Hour Magazine & PARC, their restaurant of the year.

Also, thanks to our sponsors!

We have our own Daily Detroit Drinks meetup this Thursday, March 1 at Two James. More here.

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