Getting food from a farm to your table through traditional grocery stores can take as many as 40 days. That adds a lot of cost and a lot of hands. Not to mention, 40 days doesn’t really sound very fresh.

So there’s a new delivery service called FlashFoodBox that is opening up in Detroit as its first U.S. city.

The company is looking to change the game by delivering fresh food right to people’s doors.

Each FlashFoodBox is filled with ten pounds of produce and five pounds of protein. That breaks down to between 14 to 15 meals each week. Each box cost $35.99, so each meal costs roughly $3.

FlashFoodBox works directly with farmers to fill each box. The produce is might be weirdly shaped, but is still packed with nutrients and is perfectly fine to use.

See, many times grocery stores will not take produce that does not meet their strict visual requirements, so farmers will just leave them in the field. That is wasteful.

Another important part of this company is their partnership with Forgotten Harvest. For every box that is ordered FlashFoodBox will donate 5 pounds of protein to Forgotten Harvest. There is also an option for people to donate a box for someone in need.

“When we decided on Detroit, one of the reasons was because of Forgotten Harvest. We reached out to them to see how we could make this work, so we can benefit the people they cater to,” said Domingues. “There is not going to be one company or organization that can solve this problem across the board, it’s just too hard to. So forging partnerships is the most important part.”

The complete interview with Josh Domingues, their founder, is in the player below.

You can find more information about how to order your own FlashFoodBox online.

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