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This week has been tough at the house, so I apologize for not writing sooner.

The good news is that my super senior rescue dog Reina is recovering after a week where I thought we’d lose her. She’s wandering around the back yard as I write this.

Thanks to those in my circle for their help, and to a wonderful vet. To those I owe a phone call or email, I’ll be catching up in the next week. It was everything to get the daily podcast out the last few days.

If you want a dog photo, it’s at the bottom of the newsletter. On to the stories!

What to know….

» Bob Lanier, legendary center for the Detroit Pistons (and Milwaukee Bucks), died after a short illness this week at 73. A Hall of Famer, he’s still third in Pistons teams history for career points and rebounds. He spent a lot of time as an ambassador for the league, and was well-loved. [AP]

Didya know: I was surprised to learn he was part of one of the larger on-court brawls in NBA history when a Golden State Warrior fan took a cheap shot at him. Bad idea, sir. Bad, bad idea. [YouTube]

» A blight report turned into a major chop shop bust on Detroit’s west side. Detroit Police found more than 20 vehicles. [ClickOnDetroit]

» More marijuana, more money, and more lawsuits. Turns out the latest version of Detroit’s recreational cannabis law is also up for some legal challenges. There aren’t any delays to the rollout yet — but it could happen. [Axios]

» If you’re sold a Land Bank property that’s not connected to water, who’s responsible? There can be unexpected hurdles in a city where record keeping is, to be put it kindly, irregular. [Outlier]

» We have more details on the new skyscraper and office building going up at the Hudson’s site. It’ll become Detroit’s second-tallest building at 685 feet when it’s completed (now projected to be in 2024).

According to Bedrock press materials, it’ll include:

  • Up to 120 residential units
  • A 5-star hotel with 227 rooms (reportedly an Edition Hotel)
  • 126,000 square feet of event space
  • 400,000 sq. ft of office space, designed for “tech-forward” companies
  • Ground floor retail on Woodward and East Grand River

Below are few of the looks from SHoP Architects. I’m going to share some of the ones I find more interesting.

Here’s how it’ll look down Woodward. That tower is going to be slender and required a Michigan building code variance to make happen. [Freep]

Rooftop bar. I love those.

Retail on East Grand River. Think across from Queen’s Bar and the soon-to-be opened Gucci.

Inside a multi-story office atrium.

Finally, a promenade with a nod to the former Hudson’s. Additional reading: [Urbanize] [Crain’s]

» There’s a few other development stories you should know about. From Ralph C. Wilson Park, to what’s happening at the old Joe Louis site, to housing on the east side, a food co-op and more. Veteran development watcher Robin Runyan from Urbanize joined me on the podcast with her insights.

» The city of Detroit is going to need new building codes and seawall additions — but the challenge doesn’t end at the city’s borders. Josh Elling from Jefferson East details the reality ahead of living with a new, higher level of water in Metro Detroit.

My two cents - Climate change is going to be one of the most important stories we deal with here in Southeast Michigan. I learned that our local climate, under a best case scenario, is going to be more like northern Arkansas in a lifetime. We average 33 inches of rain right now; they average 51.

» Speaking of that climate change thing, our trees are in trouble and we should be taking care of them.

» The Detroit Public Schools will spend $700m on facility improvements. [Chalkbeat]

» “Crowd-sized” metal detectors are coming to Detroit. Ten machines will be deployed at large events, block parties and other public gatherings. This is part of an overall plan including enhanced surveillance in the name of fighting crime. [Bridge Detroit]

Counterpoint: The city council vote approving this was 7-2, but “no” vote councilwoman Gabriela Santiago-Romero said that “Investing more money in technologies like these will not address the root cause of crime.” [Instagram]

» 6,736 problems and a signature is every one. Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig may have hit a road bump in his quest to be the Republican nominee for governor. There are multiple allegations of fraudulent petition signatures. Not enough signatures means not getting on the ballot. [Freep]

» Detroit’s taxes are among the highest in the nation. The rates are so high they often hurt residents, encourage foreclosures, depress values, and push away investment.

Advocates for split rate property taxes say it encourages people to use land instead of speculate on it, and lowers rates for homeowners. We talked about a new report on the podcast. [Report]

Where to go

» Eastern Market Flower Day is back in person and in full force Sunday. Started in 1967, there will be 15 acres of flowers for sale. Russell Street will be closed from the Fisher Freeway service drive to Wilkins and it runs from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. [More]

» Ex Wife’s Famous Chicken is creating a lot of buzz in Dearborn Heights. With a tongue-in-cheek menu including dishes like Love Me Tenders and Side Chick; plus sides like Mackin’ Cheese and Cole Hearted Slaw — it’s gotten attention. But is it good? [Ex Wife’s Famous Chicken]

» If you’ve never been to Cafe D’Mongo in Capitol Park, it’s a special experience. Here’s a great write up about the place and owner Larry D’Mongo. Now that it’s warmer out, it should kick back into high gear. You’ll also learn about the Detroit Brown — Vernors, Crown Royal, and Bitters. [Punch]

⚜️ Le Rouge Report

» Detroit City lost a heartbreaker in penalty kicks against Louisville City FC on Tuesday, knocking DCFC out of the US Open Cup. We’ll see Lou City at least two more times this year.

» Le Rouge play Loudoun tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Keyworth tonight. Fletcher Sharpe has pre-match notes and predictions. [Daily Detroit]

» Trevor James was named April Coach of the Month. [USL]

» This is how you cheer: Rising star Michael Bryant is on the supporter capo stand leading the cheer for the women’s team.

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