Comedian Paul Elia is back after finishing his standup special, "Detroit Player," recorded at the Detroit House of Comedy.

You can watch the whole thing free on YouTube:

We get into growing up in an immigrant family, the importance of building your own platforms as a creator, and more.

Show rundown:

01:41 - Where did the idea to do your own special come from?

03:54 - What did you think you knew going into this, but didn't?

05:40 - Why is putting out a whole piece of work important in this clip-driven world?

06:55 - Family stories and how his mom's hustle helped inspire himself

11:39 - DId Fletcher see Paul's success when they were younger, going to school together?

12:53 - Working on Rami and how it is different than his standup

17:05 - Paul's next steps

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