Word came today that Flex ‘N Gate, an Illinois-based supplier of car parts such as bumpers, exterior trim, lighting, chassis assemblies and other OEM parts is going to build a new facility at the I-94 industrial Park in Detroit.

The development will be roughly at Helen and Georgia streets, just outside of Hamtramck between Mt. Elliot and Van Dyke and very close to Detroit’s City Airport, as well as freeways and rail.

The project location is on the edge of Michigan’s (and Detroit’s) poorest zip code as of 2013, 48213.

The 48213 zip code. Via Google Maps.
The 48213 zip code. Via Google Maps.

The price for the land will be about $1.34 million, but there will be a tax credit of nearly $1.09 million for site work, lowering the city’s actual gain the sale to about $257,000.

State officials say in an email that the project will generate a total capital investment of approximately $95 million and create up to 650 jobs with the ability to create up to 750 jobs in the future, resulting in a $3.5 million Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant.

It’s made possible due to a contract awarded by Ford Motor Company.

To enable the project, the Economic Development Corporation of Detroit approved the sale of 30 acres in the industrial park to Flex-N-Gate. The sale is the initial step in building the 500,000 square foot manufacturing plant on the site.

The city is also offering support to the project, as often is the case in these larger deals, in the form of property tax abatement and/or a new Renaissance Zone related to the project.

Flex ‘N Gate is owned by Shahid Khan, who also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team as well as English Football League Championship’s Fulham FC. Flex ‘N Gate (and their subsidiary, Ventra) already have one research facility and 11 manufacturing facilities in Michigan.

Flex ‘N Gate will need to hire people for the new plant, as they’re needing to expand capacity. Those interested in career opportunities with Flex N gate should visit http://jobs.flex-n-gate.com/jobs.

There will also be job training available through the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation and Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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