We all know that Metro Detroiters love the Tigers, but really, it’s practically the whole state that has a passion for the team.

The 2015 edition of an annual map released by Facebook through their Sports on Facebook page highlights, via the number of Facebook “likes,” where the various Major League Baseball teams dominate divided by county in the United States and census divisions in Canada.

There is sad news for New York Mets, Oakland Athletics and Toronto Blue Jays fans as there are no U.S. counties that have a plurality of fans who like the any one of the three of them. There is a consolation prize for the Blue Jays, though, as they dominate almost all of Canada.


Also interesting is what being in the World Series can do for you, especially geographically expand your fan base. Both the Giants and Royals saw gains year over year, and were the biggest gainers in 2015 compared to 2014.

By the way, there are a few traitorous Michigan counties over by Wisconsin and Indiana. They should get on board already … but at least they don’t like the Yankees. And those random Ohio folks? Welcome! It’s kind of funny – it’s land that in some measure was once claimed as Michigan territory anyway.

H/T to Sports on Facebook

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