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What an episode. We literally scrapped it three times and then everything happened. This is a longer one that we usually do, so grab a drink of choice, kick back and enjoy.

First, Devon O’Reilly joins us to talk about the change in mask policy. In Michigan, as of 9am Saturday, it’s masks off for vaccinated individuals. But will you? Will he? And in what situations? And we get into what some of the thinking might be behind the moves.

We also talk about Bedrock’s purchase of 300 River Place and the vibrant neighborhood that is down there at Jos Campau on the river side of Jefferson.

I-75 will be a mess this weekend, just avoid it.

Then, Fletcher Sharpe joins us for a not only a wrap-up and preview of the Detroit City FC matches, but literally while we were recording the show news broke that the Michigan Stars won’t be going to California and are forfeiting their match over a conflict with the league, NISA.

Safe to say, Fletcher unloads. @saintfdw on Twitter, btw.

And finally, Michelle Mirowski from Ferndale Radio is on to talk about the ongoing fundraiser. The community station is raising $12,000 to start streaming what is a low-power FM signal on the internet. Which is exciting for fans of local content like us.

Alright, it’s been a heck of a week. Pet your dogs, love your people, and we’ll see you next week.

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