It’s a Friday edition of your Daily Detroit and Devon O’Reilly joins Jer to send us out to the holiday weekend.

00:20 First up, we talk about our cocktails of choice. Jer talks about what he dubs the “Sapphire Sun,” meaning Faygo Arctic Sun and Bombay Sapphire gin. All that’s needed is your local party store to pull this one off. 

Devon’s drinking an Americano with a touch of booze.

The stories:

02:01 There’s generally great news on the COVID-19 front, and unless there’s major changes we’re finally going to be pushing that coverage kinda to the back. The Detroit region is doing very well, with a test positivity rate below 5%.

05:10 Proposed changes to Detroit’s charter will not be on the ballot thanks to a judge’s ruling that without the Governor’s signoff, it cannot appear. As a city resident, some of the ideas inside were compelling – but probably belong in the form of laws or ordinances instead of the charter itself. Also, it seemed a bunch of people forgot we as a city have $200m+ of annual pension payments looming over our heads. 

09:33 The city is getting $826 million in Federal dollars to help plug holes created due to the pandemic. Half goes straight to the budget, but over the next few weeks there will be a series of public meetings to direct the rest of those dollars to make an impact in the community.

14:28 So many things in Corktown from noise questions around the PAL facility at the old Tiger Stadium site to dollars for affordable housing projects.

23:44 Janet’s Lunch had been standing at the corner of Kercheval and Maryland in the east side streetcar suburb of GPP since 1938. This week, it was torn down. We reminisce another piece of history coming down and speculate what might be next.

As always, your feedback and support are welcome. We have a couple projects in the pipeline that we’re going to tell our members on first.

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